An Open Letter to Piper Parents From an Educator

By Melissa Belardi - Apr 22, 2020

Dear Piper Parents,

A colleague of mine, who is a former educator, told me recently how challenging teaching her own children at home has been since their schools closed. Although teachers are providing support, her elementary and middle school age children still need her guidance to keep them on task. 

PIPER EDUCATION WEBINAR: Best Practices for Facilitating Remote Learning

By Melissa Belardi - Apr 8, 2020

On Wednesday, April 1st, Piper conducted a webinar on “Best Practices for Facilitating Remote Learning” for educators. We had a chance to share the best practices that we know from our experience as well as many of the wonderful educators in our communities!

Making Digital Learning Impactful for Students

By Melissa Belardi - Mar 26, 2020

The Piper Team has been so humbled and impressed by the work of educators around the world to continue supporting student learning despite school closures. It’s inspiring to see former colleagues, teacher friends, and Piper educators tackle this challenge head-on. Many of you are searching for ideas to manage the transition to teaching digitally. This post will have ideas for managing digital learning and resources to help you along the way!

Piper’s Recommended Resources for Home Learning

By Meg Bailey - Mar 20, 2020

With rising cases of the COVID-19 virus prompting mass school closures around the world, the Piper team is keenly aware of the impact on millions of children who are out of school. To help you navigate home learning, we’ve compiled some of our favorite resources that cover everything from simple STEAM activities and free lessons to daily schedules, virtual museum tours, and how to Skype a Scientist. 

PiperCode: Goldilocks Machine

By John Chen - Nov 21, 2019

In this project, we’ll build a “Goldilocks Device”. This device can measure the temperature, and tell us if somewhere is “just right”!