Piper Distance Learning Playbook

Welcome to the Piper Distance Learning Playbook for students in grades 3 - 8! This 3 - 6 week playbook features a series of carefully curated computer science enrichment projects designed to support distance learning at home. 

Safe Handling of Piper Computer Kits: COVID-19 Protocol

As the pandemic hit the world, we looked at how we could help our parents and educators re-use Piper Computer Kits over and over!  We were concerned about the spread of the virus on the Piper Computer Kit, so our CEO did some research and came up with a solution.

Piper and Migrant Education Programs (MEP)

Piper is based in California, where half of American vegetables and two thirds of its nut and fruit crops are grown by a million migrant farmworkers - more than in most states.  $50 billion in agriculture depends on them, yet agriculture is one of many migrant industries – oil and gas, food processing, firefighting and the armed services, where the workforce must move to meet the requirements of the work. And increasingly, all work demands technology skills.  

Inspire Creation by Building Your Own Makerspace

Carve out your own space for innovating at home with these tips from Piper's Resident Maker and Director of Product Design, Amie

Spotlight: Piper Cofounder Shree Bose

We recently sat down for a (virtual) conversation with Piper’s dynamic cofounder, Shree Bose. Long passionate about science, Shree is currently enrolled in Duke School of Medicine’s demanding MD/PhD Program. However, her role as an outspoken advocate for K-12 STEAM education came about earlier, when she was an undergraduate at Harvard University. Read on to learn more about Shree’s background as a medical researcher, her work to make the Piper Computer Kit engaging for all learners, and how she addressed gender disparities among early users of the Piper Computer Kit.

Piper Spotlight: Bob Barboza and the Barboza Space Center

As educators and parents, we strive to provide students with opportunities to learn about real-world problems, ideally in a hands-on manner. But what if we could provide them with something that is also out-of-this-world? Educator and design engineer Bob Barboza has devoted his life to doing just that. As founder of the Barboza Space Center in Long Beach, CA, Barboza has animated STEAM learning on Earth, through the unique lens of investigating life on Mars. 

Resources to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We join with those who strive to raise awareness and foster equality in our homes, classrooms and communities. Inclusion is at the core of the Piper mission; for those seeking resources to encourage inquiry and begin necessary conversations, we’ve compiled a list of relevant resources for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the home, classroom, and beyond.

An Open Letter to Piper Parents From an Educator

Dear Piper Parents,
A colleague of mine, who is a former educator, told me recently how challenging teaching her own children at home has been since their schools closed. Although teachers are providing support, her elementary and middle school age children still need her guidance to keep them on task. 

WEBINAR: Best Practices for Facilitating Remote Learning

On Wednesday, April 1st, Piper conducted a webinar on “Best Practices for Facilitating Remote Learning” for educators. We had a chance to share the best practices that we know from our experience as well as many of the wonderful educators in our communities!

Making Digital Learning Impactful for Students

The Piper Team has been so humbled and impressed by the work of educators around the world to continue supporting student learning despite school closures. It’s inspiring to see former colleagues, teacher friends, and Piper educators tackle this challenge head-on. Many of you are searching for ideas to manage the transition to teaching digitally. This post will have ideas for managing digital learning and resources to help you along the way!

Piper’s Recommended Resources for Home Learning

With rising cases of the COVID-19 virus prompting mass school closures around the world, the Piper team is keenly aware of the impact on millions of children who are out of school. To help you navigate home learning, we’ve compiled some of our favorite resources that cover everything from simple STEAM activities and free lessons to daily schedules, virtual museum tours, and how to Skype a Scientist. 

What's New: The Piper Protection Plan

Here at Piper, we understand that life happens. Whether it be a snapped wood piece or a lost bolt, the Piper Protection Plan was developed to ensure you receive the necessary support you need to get the most out of your Piper experience.