Spread out the blueprint, tools, and components to build and rebuild the Piper Computer Kit. Play the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, plus dozens of self-guided projects.


Piper Computer Kits are used in classrooms and distance-learning settings on every continent. Progress through our standards-aligned STEAM curriculum, or explore independently.


The build is only the beginning! The Piper Computer Kit opens the door to a world of discovery and adventures that creative young engineers, coders, makers and gamers will love.

Boost the Fun with Cool Gadgets!

With Piper Command Center (Beta) you assemble a real working game controller, understand the basics of an Arduino, and discover physical computing by configuring a joystick, buttons, and more! Build and customize the controller to hack and create an arcade-ready game, a spatial mapping tool, or a robo-commander. Ages 13+.

The Piper Sensor Explorer uses data from the environment to enhance the Piper experience. Learn about the world around you using sensors that measure actual temperature, compute distance, and detect color. Connect the sensors to the Piper Computer Kit and unlock new StoryMode worlds and PiperCode projects.* Ages 8+.

*Requires a Piper Computer Kit

Look Inside The Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit features the highest-quality engineered components: tools, fasteners, buttons and circuitry; housed in a sustainable, hand-cut wood casing. Designed for durability by engineers and educators, meant to be built and rebuilt.

The Piper Computer Kit is an award-winning,
standards-aligned STEAM experience.