About the Product

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is Piper recommended for?

Piper is recommended for children ages 7-13.

Does Piper ship internationally?

Piper ships internationally, but there may be local duties and taxes applied depending on your country. Customs, Duties and Taxes are calculated at checkout.

What language does Piper come with?

Currently, Piper ships in English with French, Spanish, and Japanese translations available. We are always happy to provide more subtitles if you're interested in translating yourself!

Is everything included?

Yes, everything to run Piper is complete with your purchase, including the Raspberry Pi, the computer screen, and our Story Mode and PiperCode software!

How do I charge my battery?

The same cord, the micro USB, you use to power on your Raspberry Pi can be used to charge your battery out of a USB port.

How many hours of learning are there?

Assembling a Piper usually takes 1-3 hours. Completing all of the Piper Story Mode levels takes 8-10 hours. Exploring our Creative Mode can be enjoyed indefinitely! We also have 11 PiperCode projects for 8-15 hours of exploration. Creating with “My Projects” allows for endless possibilities!

Can my kids learn real programming and electronics concepts with Piper?

Yes! Our curriculum is endorsed by Stanford. Piper helps your child fully understand the basics of building, electronics, and programming.

Can I do more engineering projects with my Piper?

Absolutely. Each Piper comes pre-installed with Raspbian, which is the Raspberry Pi version of the Linux operating system. It has an internet browser, a word processor, scratch programming, Python, and more!