Piper Projects

Prepare for launch! Combine your rocket and mission control

By Dione Lum - Jul 18, 2019

Houston, we’re ready for takeoff! See how hardware and software can be combined in the final project of our #OutOfThisWorld STEM project series.

DIY: Program Mission Control with PiperCode

By Dione Lum - Jul 18, 2019

Every successful space flight needs a mission control. With your Piper Computer Kit, use PiperCode to program a launch sequence, sound effects, and LED lights to power your rocket’s boosters.

DIY: Learn how to build a cardboard rocket

By Dione Lum - Jul 16, 2019

In the first installment of our #OutOfThisWorld projects, reach for the stars with your very own rocket! With a few household items and your Piper Computer Kit, build a spectacular spaceship fit for the bravest of astronauts.

PiperCode Project: Christmas Tree Ornament ☃!

By Mehdi Imani - Dec 11, 2017

Turn your Piper into an Amazon Echo

By Tommy Gibbons - Oct 26, 2016