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Piper STEAM Projects: Create a 5-Button Synthesizer!

By John Chen - Sep 12, 2019

Some would say that music is the voice of a generation, and today, you get to be that voice! In this project, we will make a five-button synth using PiperCode and the components in a Piper Computer Kit.

Back to School Tips for Success 📚

By Dione Lum - Aug 28, 2019

We spoke to veteran STEAM educator and Piper Pro, Spring Charles, who has over 20 years of teaching experience to learn more about how she prepares for the school year ahead.

Prepare for launch! Combine your rocket and mission control

By Dione Lum - Jul 18, 2019

Houston, we’re ready for takeoff! See how hardware and software can be combined in the final project of our #OutOfThisWorld STEM project series.

DIY: Program Mission Control with PiperCode

By Dione Lum - Jul 18, 2019

Every successful space flight needs a mission control. With your Piper Computer Kit, use PiperCode to program a launch sequence, sound effects, and LED lights to power your rocket’s boosters.

DIY: Learn how to build a cardboard rocket

By Dione Lum - Jul 16, 2019

In the first installment of our #OutOfThisWorld projects, reach for the stars with your very own rocket! With a few household items and your Piper Computer Kit, build a spectacular spaceship fit for the bravest of astronauts.