Piper’s Recommended Resources for Home Learning

By Meg Bailey - Mar 20, 2020

With rising cases of the COVID-19 virus prompting mass school closures around the world, the Piper team is keenly aware of the impact on millions of children who are out of school. To help you navigate home learning, we’ve compiled some of our favorite resources that cover everything from simple STEAM activities and free lessons to daily schedules, virtual museum tours, and how to Skype a Scientist. 

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PiperCode: Rock Out With Binary Hero!

By Matthew Matz - Dec 3, 2019

In this project, we will be creating our own music rhythm game! Instead of arrows, we’ll display which buttons should be pressed using 1’s or 0’s - so we’ll call this game Binary Hero!

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PiperCode: Ultrasonic Drum

By John Chen - Nov 18, 2019

With the new Piper Sensor Explorer, there are not only endless possibilities for creation, but now we can use data to inform our creations! Today, we’re going to build a beat-making machine using the Ultrasonic Range finder. Once we’re finished, we will have coded a special drum to produce rhythms!

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What's New: The Piper Protection Plan

By Meg Bailey - Nov 20, 2019

Here at Piper, we understand that life happens. Whether it be a snapped wood piece or a lost bolt, the Piper Protection Plan was developed to ensure you receive the necessary support you need to get the most out of your Piper experience.

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Embark on a new adventure with the Piper Sensor Explorer

By Amie Zukowski - Nov 12, 2019

Meet the latest addition to the Piper family - the Piper Sensor Explorer. The Piper Sensor Explorer brings science to life through fun, hands-on learning that parents can get behind and kids can’t get enough of. 

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