PiperCode: Ultrasonic Drum

By John Chen - Nov 18, 2019

With the new Piper Sensor Explorer, there are not only endless possibilities for creation, but now we can use data to inform our creations! Today, we’re going to build a beat-making machine using the Ultrasonic Range finder. Once we’re finished, we will have coded a special drum to produce rhythms!

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Embark on a new adventure with the Piper Sensor Explorer

By Amie Zukowski - Nov 12, 2019

Meet the latest addition to the Piper family - the Piper Sensor Explorer. The Piper Sensor Explorer brings science to life through fun, hands-on learning that parents can get behind and kids can’t get enough of. 

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PiperCode: Create A Spooky Candle Flame for Halloween

By Matthew Matz - Oct 30, 2019

Our latest PiperCode project will show you how you can use your Piper Computer Kit to simulate the twinkling light from inside a jack-o’-lantern using the LEDs in your kit.

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PiperCode: Speak Machine Code with Binary!

By John Chen - Sep 30, 2019

Let’s explore binary code, a foundational part of computing! In this project, you will try to speak a few words in machine language, just as computers do.

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Prepare for launch! Combine your rocket and mission control

By Mehdi Imani - Jul 18, 2019

Houston, we’re ready for takeoff! See how hardware and software can be combined in the final project of our #OutOfThisWorld STEM project series.

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