STEM Educator Enhances Learning with Piper and Google Classroom

STEM Educator Enhances Learning with Piper and Google Classroom

Piper equipped Tahlequah Public Schools with Piper Make products, standards aligned curriculum, and professional development to support their computer science programs . Piper Make works with Chromebooks and Google Classroom via API.

The challenge
Each year, STEM / Robotics instructor Candice Yochum faces the challenge of teaching STEM fundamentals to a class of students who
possess varying degrees of computer experience and knowledge. While her goal is to offer personalized instruction to ensure every
student excels and enjoys the process of learning computer science skills, the demands of documentation and feedback remain constant.

The solution
Using Chromebooks with the Google Classroom integration was seamless with Piper. Resources like student worksheets and
downloadable embedded .png files of Google Blockly code were smoothly incorporated into the user interface and
accessed with single sign on.

The result
The use of Piper Make with Google for Education tools has revolutionized the STEM education approach, blending hands-on
learning with digital collaboration. Using digital Engineering Notebooks, Google Sheets for project data tracking and Google Drive
to turn in assignments, Piper Make is engaging for students, facilitating teamwork and feedback both at school and remotely.

"This partnership with Piper not only provides hands-on experience but also keeps us on the cutting edge of technology. We hope more educators discover the benefits Piper can bring to their classrooms." Candice Yochum, STEM / Robotics Instructor, Tahlequah Public Schools

About Tahlequah Public Schools

Tahlequah Public School in Oklahoma is comprised of 7 schools, 4000 students that each have Chromebooks. To bring computer science programs to all students, TPS works in partnership with the Cherokee Nation Education Department with robotics competition programs for all elementary and middle schools.