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Piper Protection Plan

Piper Protection Plan

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Additional Piper Universe content + early access to new releases

1-Year Electronic Accident Protection Plan

1-year Piper On-demand Support

Free Replacement Parts



What is the Piper Protection Plan?

The Protection Plan includes free replacement parts for up to 1 year after you receive your Piper.  It also includes video calls and support with a Lieutenant or Commander from the Piper team in the event you are having an issue with your computer or would like to learn more about Piper.  Just like the real universe, Piper Universe is expanding!  We are constantly building on top of the existing software and with the protection plan comes early access to all future software releases as well additional content.  All protection customers are briefed about expansion privileges on an ongoing email basis.   

Is it physically included in the box?

The protection plan is not physically included in the package so you will not notice anything different when you open your computer.  Instead you will be automatically added to our protection customer database.

If I am buying more than one Piper, will I need to buy multiple protection plans?

No!  Only one protection plan is necessary since then you will be designated as a Protection Customer!

Do schools need to purchase the protection plan?

Schools should be dealing directly with our edu team for all software and support needs so they will not need to purchase the protection plan.

Can original customers, including kickstarter backers, purchase the protection plan?

Yes!  If you already have your Piper and are looking to get more out of your computer, you can absolutely purchase the plan.  Please note that the 1yr replacement parts starts from when you received your Piper.