PiperCode: Create a 5-button Synthesizer

By Megan Ho - Jul 2, 2020

Some would say that music is the voice of a generation, and today, you get to be that voice! In this project, we will make a five-button synth using PiperCode and the components in a Piper Computer Kit.

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DIY Minecraft Game Controller

By Matthew Matz - Jun 30, 2020

Learn how to code your Piper Command Center Beta to become a DIY Minecraft Game controller!

Categories: CommandCenter, Projects, Tutorial

PiperCode: Goldilocks Machine

By Megan Ho - Jun 29, 2020

Use the temperature sensor of your Piper Sensor Explorer to build a Goldilocks machine that tells you whether the temperature of an object is too hot, too cold, or just right.

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Inspire Creation by Building Your Own Makerspace

By Amie Zukowski - Jun 29, 2020

Carve out your own space for innovating at home with these tips from Piper's Resident Maker and Director of Product Design, Amie

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PiperCode: Rock Out With Binary Hero!

By Matthew Matz - Dec 3, 2019

In this project, we will be creating our own music rhythm game! Instead of arrows, we’ll display which buttons should be pressed using 1’s or 0’s - so we’ll call this game Binary Hero!

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