The Piper Computer Kit includes everything needed to introduce students to computer science, electronics, and coding. Build your own fully functional computer and explore STEAM through Piper's StoryMode using the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, and PiperCode using Blockly, Google's block-based visual programming language. The Piper Computer Kit is recommended for ages 8+.

The Piper Computer Kit is an award-winning,
standards-aligned STEAM experience.

How It Works


Piper drives students to learn what is behind the screen. This educational, DIY experience ranges from building a wooden case, to connecting the hardware of a real working computer.


The Piper Computer Kit provides an engineering blueprint enabling students to engage in a sensory experience that bridges visual and tactile learning.


The Piper Computer Kit has been designed to be taken apart and put back together multiple times. Whether built, partially built, or disassembled, the purposefully engineered packaging makes storing the Piper Computer Kit incredibly simple.



PiperCode uses Blockly by Google, a drag & drop coding language that enables students to modify and change how their electronics work on the Raspberry Pi. PiperCode includes preloaded projects that allow students to code and program physical electronic games!


Learners explore the virtual world of the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft and learn electronic concepts through engaging, interactive game levels. Discover new planets, make friends with intergalactic heroes, Pip and Piperbot, and inspire confidence in STEAM to make gaming a valuable and educational experience.

The Piper Computer Kit Software is also available in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese.



  • 25+ laser-etched wooden and acrylic pieces

  • 50+ hardware pieces

  • 20+ electronic components

  • 9" LCD display with HDMI cable

  • 7800 mAh rechargeable battery

  • Integrated speaker

  • 16GB MicroSD card

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Wi-Fi Software Updates

  • 8 square foot laminated blueprint

  • USB Mouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Piper is recommended for ages 8-13, but learners of all ages have found Piper to be an effective way to discover STEAM, computer science, and electronics.

Piper is designed to stimulate and challenge students. We believe iteration is an important part of the engineering process, and we encourage active problem solving before seeking assistance. Piper promotes engagement unlike other products, we've found that learners double down, revisit the details, and try again. Building a Piper Computer Kit features growth mindset and inspires grit throughout the process.

If you have questions, we have a dedicated Customer Care team you can email anytime through our support page.

Piper ships internationally. Local taxes may be applied depending on your country.

We would recommend that customers from the United Kingdom and the European Union visit our authorized reseller OKdo to take advantage of faster fulfillment times and VAT-included pricing.

Assembling a Piper from the blueprint usually takes about two hours. Completing all of the Piper StoryMode missions takes between eight and ten hours. Exploring creative mode can be enjoyed indefinitely! Also included are an internet browser, a word processor, scratch coding, and more. We also have projects to enhance your Piper Computer Kit.