The future starts here.

Piper: Where Play Unlocks Potential

With Piper, kids discover the skills they’ll need to solve the problems of the future — problems we can’t even predict yet. Kids are built to explore. And Piper is built to turn that exploration into real-world skills. 

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  • Collaboration
  • 21st Century Skills
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From The Inside Out

Piper Kits use real, raw components of objects kids already interact with in their daily lives. By touching and manipulating these components, they develop an unrivaled understanding of how the world around them is created.

Maker Mindset

Using collaboration, troubleshooting, and prototyping, kids translate 2D blueprints into 3D objects — setting the foundation to build anything they can dream up.

Built by kids from the inside-out

Hands-on problem solving

Our kids live in an age where there’s always someone that can fix it for us. With Piper, kids get to engage untapped areas of the brain by building and repairing with their own two hands — skills that are harder and harder to come by today.

Go Beyond The Screen

We’re redefining “screen time.” Kids will understand and actually assemble the physical and electronic components that powers their daily play. And best of all, parents, grandparents, teachers, and kids can work side-by-side through the games and stories.

Built by kids from the inside-out

Overcome Challenges

Progressive “Piper wins” build kids’ confidence while subtly teaching persistence, problem solving, and resilience. Kids must think out of the box in order to overcome the challenges that we built right into the experience.

Light The Spark That Fuels The Future

When does a person become an engineer, a scientist, an inventor? It starts with a spark. Before their first job. Before college. Before even their first coding class in high school. The first time they took something apart and put it back together. Give your child their first Piper Moment.

Built by kids from the inside-out

Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit 2018 Edition teaches young makers and engineers about computers and other electronic hardware gadgets through the fun of a Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition video game and hands-on building and coding.  Ages 7+
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Dr. Joel Sadler, Piper co-founder, created a thesis while at Stanford entitled 'Enabling Novices to Prototype Electronics.' Piper uses key points from that thesis, along with captivating storytelling, to facilitate learning.