Explore the world around you like never before


Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds

Detect Hues with the
Piper Color Sensor

Compute Distance with the
Piper Ultrasonic Range Finder

Measure Temperature with the
Piper Temperature Sensor

Join Pip & PiperBot for
out-of-this-universe STEAM adventures!

Chameleon Giant

Ever wondered how we see color? Learn how the human eye translates light into color in the Chameleon Giant. Save a world that’s lost all color by scanning colors with your Piper Color Sensor to reinvigorate the planet.

Color Coded

Send secret messages encoded in color. Learn about RGB values and create your own language by assigning letters to colors.

Post No. 34 ½

Magical treasure awaits in Post No. 34 ½, are you up for the challenge? Equipped with the Piper Ultrasonic Range Finder, solve puzzles as you learn about distance and frequency.

Security Zone

Create an alarm system that will detect would-be intruders from a distance and alert you to their presence. Learn to read distance over time graphs while calibrating your alarm for maximum impact.


Using the Piper Temperature Sensor, change the state of water by adding or removing energy, and learn how shifting temperatures impact the environment around you.


Express yourself by assigning an emoji to a temperature range. Learn to read graphical visualizations of data and interpret temperature scales, such as Fahrenheit and Celsius.

What's in the box?

  1. 1x Piper Color Sensor
  2. 1x Piper Temperature Sensor
  3. 1x Piper Ultrasonic Range Finder
  4. 2x 4-Pin Diode Jumper Cables
  5. 3x Sensor Profile Cards