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Piper is a computer kit for kids to learn engineering through minecraft.

How It Works


What is Piper?

Piper is both a computer and an invention kit. Assemble your own beautifully engraved computer and play a Minecraft mod that guides you to craft electronics and gadgets.

Piper Computer Kit

with PiperUniverse™


Disassembled Piper Computer Kit
1. Assemble Your Computer

Follow a real engineering blueprint to assemble your own beautifully engraved wooden case.

PiperUniverse Raspberry Pi with Circuit
2. Learn Through PiperUniverse

Play our educational Minecraft: Pi Edition mod in a safe, controlled environment.

Piper with Electronics
3. Invent Gadgets

Build and program electronics to explore your Minecraft world through hands-on building.

Inspire a Passion for Inventing

By combining Minecraft, with hands-on building and tinkering, Piper inspires the inventors of tomorrow. The Piper Computer Kit allows anyone as young as 6 to assemble their own computer and instill creative confidence for the rest of their lives.

The Best Way to Teach Engineering and Computer Science

30+ schools, 100+ teachers, and 4000+ students have found Piper to be the most engaging way to learn about the most important topics in STEM. Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core, our program is designed to help children build their creative confidence, as well as their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Piper in the News

"I can’t think of a better way to provide kids with the necessary reminder that these ubiquitous screens are tools that humans created and not just parts of our everyday environment."

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"Piper has been available to consumers, but with the new product, PiperEDU will bring the experience to more children in schools."

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"Gamifying computer learning by leveraging… a computer game. Smart."

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"Piper's creators were hoping to build a more productive way for kids to play Minecraft at home. But at least at this school, it may have found a home right here in the classroom."

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"This will all be taken to another level with the introduction of PiperEDU, a kit that will allow students to play Minecraft, but not until they build their own computer, learning coding along the way."

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"I've been seriously impressed with this Piper set...The boys have learned lots, we've shared something great together, and it continues to teach them about coding and electronics."

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"Piper, founded in 2014, raised more than $280,000 from 1,375 backers on Kickstarter before launching the Piper Computer Kit on Amazon Launchpad and generating 5-star ratings from 97% of the Amazon customers who have reviewed the product so far."

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"A number of Kickstarter creators have developed creative new approaches to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Piper stands out among them. After 1,375 people got behind the Minecraft-inspired computer kit on Kickstarter, Piper now inspires thousands more young creators to build, explore, and tinker with technology."

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"Venture capitalists are betting that the winning horse in the race includes Minecraft, thanks to Piper, a kit that teaches students to assemble their own computer, start playing Minecraft and, in doing so, learn to code."

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"This is some next-level Minecraft action that the most hardcare fans in this world will be able to truly devour and appreciate. Just so long as they recognize that they're going to need to work for it."

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"For many, they had played regular Minecraft, and were fans, but modifying it by adding your own real gadgets was a novel concept, and excited them. Many kids had never built anything physical prior to Piper, and they got excited because it showed them that the in-game possibilities were endless."

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"Combining coding and Minecraft is genius. Great to see my kids turn into little nerds; maybe they can pay for my retirement some day."

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