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Turn your Piper into an Amazon Echo

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There is an awesome amount of things you can do with your Piper and we thought we would showcase one of the latest things we made and you can build at home.

Voice recognition and response is a fast growing with Amazon, Google, and Apple all making huge progress in the field.  Because we see this technology taking a bigger role in our lives, we thought we would give a glimpse at how Piper users can start using the Amazon Alexa Voice Service on their Piper.

Here's what you'll need to take this project start to finish:

1 fully charged Piper connected to Wifi

1 USB Microphone (Here is the one I'm using)

1 Amazon Developer Account (They're easy to set-up if you don't have one yet).


I chose to "shell" into my Piper from my MacBook since I didn't have a keyboard handy and did not want to use the virtual keyboard on my Piper.

If you notice the auto-complete when I'm writing in the terminal, that's because I'm hitting "tab".

Turn your Piper into an Amazon Echo


Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Turn your Piper into an Amazon Echo


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