Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of a Piper Computer Kit or Piper Sensor Explorer! Amidst the hours of fun and learning, you and your young learners may encounter a couple of thrills and spills along the way.

Here at Piper, we understand that life happens. Whether it be a broken wood piece or a micro SD card that just won't work, the Piper Protection Plan was developed to ensure you receive the necessary support you need to get the most out of your Piper experience.

In this blog post, we'll cover the main benefits of the Piper Protection Plan and why you should protect your investment with it.

What is the Piper Protection Plan?

The Piper Protection Plan allows you to replace parts for up to 2 years after you receive your Piper Computer Kit 2 and Sensor Explorer. It’s available for $49 during checkout on as part of your order.

The Piper Protection Plan includes:

  • Protection for 2 years against any accidental damage of your Piper Computer Kit 2; mechanical and electrical failures are covered after the 1 year manufacturer's warranty expires.
  • Protection for 2 years on any software-related issues on your Piper Computer Kit 2 and Sensor Explorer.
  • Repair support per the Terms and Conditions. Note: If your product can’t be repaired, a replacement will be shipped to you with two-way shipping included.

That's great but how do I file claims?

You can register and file claims by emailing us at

Is the Piper Protection Plan included in the box?

The Piper Protection Plan is not included in the box.  Customers who select it at checkout are added to our Piper Protection Plan database.

If I want to purchase more than one Piper product, how do I get the Piper Protection Plan?

You must purchase 1 Piper Protection Plan per Piper Computer Kit 2 and Sensor Explorer. If you have questions about our educational programs please email us at

We hope this blog post helped you to understand more about what the Piper Protection Plan has to offer! Be sure to include it with your next Piper purchase and protect your investment in your child's STEM education.


The Piper Protection Plan is available at for USD 49.99. Add it to your cart at checkout.


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  • My daughter slightly damaged the charging port on the power supply (battery bank) for the kit. Is there a way to get a replacement for just that part?

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