Spotlight: Piper Cofounder Shree Bose

By Meg Bailey - Jun 18, 2020

We recently sat down for a (virtual) conversation with Piper’s dynamic cofounder, Shree Bose. Long passionate about science, Shree is currently enrolled in Duke School of Medicine’s demanding MD/PhD Program. However, her role as an outspoken advocate for K-12 STEAM education came about earlier, when she was an undergraduate at Harvard University. Read on to learn more about Shree’s background as a medical researcher, her work to make the Piper Computer Kit engaging for all learners, and how she addressed gender disparities among early users of the Piper Computer Kit.

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Piper Spotlight: Bob Barboza and the Barboza Space Center

By Meg Bailey - Jun 8, 2020

As educators and parents, we strive to provide students with opportunities to learn about real-world problems, ideally in a hands-on manner. But what if we could provide them with something that is also out-of-this-world? Educator and design engineer Bob Barboza has devoted his life to doing just that. As founder of the Barboza Space Center in Long Beach, CA, Barboza has animated STEAM learning on Earth, through the unique lens of investigating life on Mars. 

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Piper teams up with the Boys and Girls Club of Alameda

By Meg Bailey - Oct 11, 2019

We speak with the Boys & Girl Club of Alameda to find out how they use Piper to engage their students and unlock their STEAM potential.

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PiperChat with Spring Charles - Albertville Middle School 📚

By Meg Bailey - Aug 28, 2019

We spoke to veteran STEAM educator and Piper Pro, Spring Charles, who has over 20 years of teaching experience to learn more about how she prepares for the school year ahead.

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