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Project: 3D print a house in 5 simple steps

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In a previous blog post ( we showed you how you can 3D print your creations in piper. In this tutorial, we show you how to use piper to design your own house and take advantage of the electronics skills learnt to electrify your building.


Step 1: Design in Minecraft

First we have to make our building.  In the example shown below, the isolated blocks were used as a ruler for measurement. Our building has to somehow house a breadboard so you have to pay attention during design so that the final print fits the external object.


Step 2: Scan your design

Use the scanner power up as explained in to scan your design into an .obj file, which can be used by the 3d printer software.


Step 3: Print your design

Load the .obj file from /home/pi/piper/game/userData/ from the printer application and start printing!

Step 4: Build LED circuit

Build your LED circuit to electrify your design, use the skills you have gathered from completing the levels in piper to build your switch controlled lamp.



Step 5: Assemble it 

Put the circuit in your 3d printed design and show it off!


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