Piper v1.0.6

It's amazing how far Piper has come along!  Last year at this time Piper was making our first product to ship in time for the Holidays, one year later thousands of kids are learning electronics with Piper!

The Piper development team has been busy creating new, engaging ways to PlayPiper.  Our latest release, v1.0.6 is the biggest update yet with:

  • New "Breadboard Bluffs" level where we look at the inner workings of breadboards, it's the best thing since sliced bread!
  • New Mini-Game mode with 5 new games and 5 new PowerUps

To get to v1.0.6 simply click the Update button on your Piper home screen when connected to the internet.  Your update will be on your Piper shortly.

As Piper grows, our games get deeper and deeper in storyline.  Our developers put in hundreds of hours a week, they live in this world of Piper and come up with some cool stuff.  Let's take a quick look at some of the definitions to make sure everyone is up to speed!

  • PowerUps are smart electronic hardware components that are used in the game
  • PipingMode is a virtual or digitized representation of a PowerUp
  • StoryMode contains worlds created by Piper
  • CreativeMode is a hackable world that players create
  • MiniGames are challenges that are scored or timed
  • Cheeseteroid is an asteroid made out of cheese

v1.0.6 Piper has greatly expanded how you PlayPiper.  It's not all about Story Mode anymore, new Mini-Game Mode let's you play over and over to rack up points using your new PowerUps.  You may even use your new PowerUps in Creative Mode!


NEW Mini-Games are available via a new button on your home page called "Mini-Game Mode."  Click that button and off you go.   Here is a rundown of the Mini-Games.

  • Ring Race: Introduces the Flying power up. Use the flying power up to fly through as many rings as possible within the time limit! Requires a button and two wires.
  • Chest Quest: Using a bigger treasure detector, find as many chests as possible within the time limit!  Requires three LEDs and six wires.
  • Explosive Escape: Introduces the TNT power up.  Sand worms are trying to escape to the surface! Stop them by using your TNT power up to destroy their sand pillars!  Requires a switch and two wires.
  • Snake Trap: Introduces auto-bridge power up. A snake is loose in the Colosseum! Trap him using your auto-bridge ability!  Requires a switch, an LED, and four wires.
  • Dark Maze: Introduces the torch power up.  Navigate a dark maze and reach the goal as quickly as possible!  Requires an LED and two wires.


NEW Power-Ups will allow you to solve the Mini-Game challenges.

  • Auto-bridge: Draws a diamond bridge underneath you as you walk. Requires a switch, an LED, and four wires.
  • Flying: Toggle flying on/off. Requires a button and two wires.
  • Musical Blocks: Gives every block type in the world a unique musical tone. Blocks are 'played' by right-clicking with the wrench. Requires a buzzer and two wires.
  • Torch: Auto-spawns a torch near you every ~5 seconds. Useful when tunneling. Requires an LED and two wires.
  • TNT: Ability to turn any block into active TNT. Requires a switch and two wires.


v1.0.6 Tips from Piper Dev Team:

  • The PowerUps you create in Mini-Games may be used in Creative Mode!
  • In both Creative and Mini-Game mode, Right-clicking the crafting table with the wrench will teleport the player into piping mode, where first the game's power-up (e.g., TNT power up) is made prior to starting the mini-game. The player must use the Power Up to complete the game's challenges and accumulate points. Right-clicking the crafting table again will reset the mini-game after it is played
  • There is a menu for the PowerUps. Go into Creative Mode, hit or click the middle mouse button.  Click the PowerUp that you want which then goes to the circuit building schematic.