With rising cases of the COVID-19 virus prompting mass school closures around the world, the Piper team is keenly aware of the impact on millions of children who are out of school. 

To help you navigate home learning, we’ve compiled some of our favorite resources that cover everything from simple STEAM activities and free lessons to daily schedules, virtual museum tours, and how to Skype a Scientist. 

Tips for Implementing Home Learning

Effectively implementing a satellite classroom can be daunting. Here are some of our favorite general resources for online teaching and learning, ranging from the general (be present) to the more specific (school closure checklist, student instructions for using Zoom).

Maintaining a Routine

The benefits of maintaining a routine for children have been well-documented – structure provides children with a sense of safety and reduces stress and behavioral issues by setting clear expectations, allowing for better learning outcomes. 

While educators are well-versed in the necessity of routine to manage classrooms full of students, those implementing home learning can reap the same benefits. Here are some great schedules that can inspire your home learning daily routine:

STEAM Learning at Home

As a STEAM education company, we’re passionate about providing students with enriching STEAM/STEM learning opportunities that foster problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking while also developing Computer Science understanding.

Below we’ve compiled resources for at home learning, including our favorite Piper STEAM Projects from the archives, as well as sharing the Piper Educator’s Guide as an additional resource for extended learning with the Piper Computer Kit.

Piper STEAM Projects: 

Virtual Field Trips

You can still explore, even while social distancing. Many zoos, aquariums, museums, and galleries around the world are offering live feeds, virtual tours, and even “home safaris” so that you can explore their offerings from home. 

Check out Vermeer’s masterpieces at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, watch the penguins at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, or explore the Smithsonian’s millions of historical artifacts. 

Parenting Resources for COVID-19
We understand the unique challenges of parenting during this time, so here are some resources we found to be helpful: 

The Digital Divide and School Closures 

We recognize that one of the greatest barriers to home learning is the digital divide. Millions of students in the U.S. do not have access to digital connectivity outside of school, which presents a huge challenge in successfully implementing home learning during school closures. 

School districts across the country are implementing programs to provide as many students as possible with access to remote learning tools, and we wanted to highlight those we’ve heard about. 

We’ll be updating this post regularly with new resources in the coming weeks. Feel free to share your favorites for this list. If you know of programs/initiatives working to provide students with access to home learning tools, please share them with us via email at hi@playpiper.com or on social media (@StartWithPiper).

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