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Piper for the Holidays!

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‘Tis the season for gathering family and friends and being thankful. Here at Piper we are thankful for many things, most importantly all the support we have received from our customers and partners that have helped us along the way! Piper is now 11 people strong, and from us to you, Happy Holidays!

It’s amazing to see how far we have come. Last year Piper had not shipped a single unit and had many Kickstarter backers anxiously awaiting their Piper kit to arrive. A year later, Piper is a community of kids, parents, educators and now even retailers who are ready to help with your Holiday shopping.

Piper makes an amazing gift! It is not a toy. It is not a video game. Assembly is required. The entire premise behind Piper is that we want our future generation to become makers of technology and not purely users of technology. We want to engage with kids and show them how fun computer science can be! And for parents, the highest paying jobs out of college are around computer science and STEM. Piper is an investment in the future!

If Piper is on your Holiday list, there are many retailer options to purchase a Piper. 


Most Piper sales are through Amazon where we have 111 reviews and 97% of them are 5 star. Check out all the great things our customers are saying about Piper!


Yes! Piper made it to! Piper is available through their online store only, but you could order and have it shipped to your local ToysRus to pick up.


35 stores nationwide and every one of them is carrying Piper! Look for the section where they sell RaspberryPi and you will find Piper.

One of the coolest retail stores you will see. Founded by ex-Nest employees, b8ta is the only place to try before you buy.  1st store is in Palo Alto with LA and Seattle opening in December!  We stopped by b8ta in November and demonstrated a new music sequencer that we will be launching.

B8ta video

Piper Computer Kit b8ta demonstration.


Walmart is ramping up their Marketplace business to go after Amazon and have included Piper. If you like to shop or have a gift card, Piper is there!


40 stores nationwide focused on electronics and one of Piper’s first retailers. If you are passionate about electronics you probably know who they are!


The name says it all! All products are brain stimulants and Piper is one of their favorite. Buy online or visit one of their stores in Nebraska or Kansas.


Focused on STEM and Maker Toys, Books, Puzzles and Games. iSpark Toys is hands-on, and they love to make fun, educational! Find them in beautiful Hillsboro, OR.


Deep in Silicon Valley where engineering is king, Anchor has all the parts you need to build electronics. One of our most recent retailer partnerships for Piper!


A quality establishment for fixing computers, they wanted to grow the next generation of computer builders! So, they brought in Piper. Maybe this will be our future home for Piper repairs!


Lastly, we built a Google map of all our physical retailers.  Search for the one nearest you!

Piper US Retailers

Map of all the retail stores that are carrying the Piper Computer Kit.


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  • I was wondering why the Piper has only a resolution of 800×480, which is less than any computer in the last 15 years. E.g. other PI based kids computers come with 1280 × 800 at 150 PPI. Are there any upgrade options?

    Michael Hunger on

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