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Piper is based in California, where half of American vegetables and two thirds of its nut and fruit crops are grown by a million migrant farmworkers - more than in most states.  $50 billion in agriculture depends on them, yet agriculture is one of many migrant industries – oil and gas, food processing, firefighting and the armed services, where the workforce must move to meet the requirements of the work. And increasingly, all work demands technology skills.  

Educating migrant students in technology is at the core of America’s future economic success, yet for migrant students, technology is especially daunting. Many migrant students haven’t used computers, much less built or programmed one.  That makes them perfect for Piper. Since 2016, we’ve made technology accessible to all through Piper, especially migrant students.  Piper’s Migrant Education Programs (MEP) are 15% of Piper’s California school district sales, and are growing.  Texas MEP sales are close behind.

Piper Computer Kits can be built, mastered and teach coding with no internet and minimal electricity. Piper software is localized in Spanish, and 5 other languages, and no adult needs to be present as our self-guided programming content focuses learners without distractions. Piper offered distance learning before it was a thing – and now that it’s a revolution, we’re leading it! 

Piper products need no manual, live tutorial, or YouTube videos  - just a blueprint, big and tough enough to sit on, with lots of pictures, a handful of numbers, and very few words. English is optional.  Piper products are rugged, reliable and reusable, no matter how many dozens of students use them.  They’re also built sustainably, from wood and brass. Sustainability is at the core of our curriculum – and it’s critical to migrant industries’ survival. 

While Silicon Valley’s savviest students are challenged and captivated by Piper products, they’re equally effective for migrant students who’ve yet to use their first smartphone. The digital divide between migrant students and Silicon Valley has never been greater, and the tumult of 2020 drives this wider. Piper can help close that gap, making MEP distance learning not only work, but thrive. Our standards-aligned and ELD curriculum succeeds with low English proficiency students, and the many districts that currently use Piper are driving us to build new product for them as fast as we can.  

Dismal migrant student distance learning experiences in recent months have made dropouts skyrocket. MEP and distance learning are hard, and complicated.  Piper Computer Kits and learning products, and our successful MEP curriculum have been proven to ease the burden on educators, parents and students.  We’ll show you how.



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