Houston receives Parachute Pipers courtesy of Piper EDU

Piper goes to Houston

Piper teamed up with KIPP Connect Middle School in Houston to outfit 7th graders with a Piper Computer Kit to use through the school year.  Schools in the Houston area delayed opening classrooms while families were at relatives or left unable to travel due to Hurricane Harvey.  

Piper is proud to stand with Houston–a city with a rich STEM history and home to the Johnson Space Center.  We are also thankful to count KIPP among our educational partners that share our belief in empowering students.

Tommy from Piper was on the scene in Houston to meet the students and teachers who will be working with Piper.  


Before we started this morning I had a chance to speak with some of the kids as they arrived.  They told me about what they did over the summer and what they are looking forward to this school year.  Some had picked up coding and others had become interested in robotics, but the flood had put things on hold temporarily.  

The students said they were mostly bored at home during the flood because there wasn't anything to do.  A few said they did some reading, but other answers were variations of "I just watched YouTube on my phone".  

Seeing how disrupted daily life was in Houston, we knew Piper could help.  We kicked-off their first hour of Piper together and these kids have an entire school year to gain a new engineering experience that is as exciting as their favorite video games. Now that they have Pipers to use after school and on weekends, they can recover the engineering progress made over the summer.

Thanks for having me!  I'm excited to come back and see what you have done with your computers.

Lt. Tommy