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Deconstructing a Piper is SIMPLE!

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The Piper Computer Kit was designed to be taken apart and repurposed!  After all, assembling Piper is a big part of the overall experience for a student and we want each student or group of students to have that experience of building a new computer.

We have many reports from schools around the world repurposing their Piper Computer Kits from class to class, it's a great way to get more value out your purchase.  In fact, we have one teacher that has deconstructed their Piper Computer Kits 15 times already!

We asked our intern Alex to demonstrate how simple taking apart a Piper Computer Kit can be.  Take a look and see for yourself!


Piper Unassembly

Taking apart your Piper Computer Kit for re-use is simple, your students can do it themselves. #magisto


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  • Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

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